Established to set new benchmarks of the Industrial Strainer

AXEGIC Group Inc. is a 14 years old ISO 9001:2015 entity, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, whose objective is to deliver the cutting edge solution associated with filtration of the impurities. The organization has been working untiringly since the commencement to obtain the second to none quality strainers that can outperform the competition, even in demanding applications. Today, the organization has established itself as a trusted strainer manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of the sustainable quality of the strainer.

Our product range is flourishing all the way in India and other countries for its profitable outcomes and for that we are grateful to the team, including the designer, engineer, maker, quality checker, marketing personnel, and logistic personnel for their cooperation and showing the sky high dedication in their duties. Our catalog of strainers incorporates Y strainers, Basket Type Strainer Manufacturers, simplex strainers, duplex strainers, and pot-type strainers. These industrial strainers are manufactured by procuring certified quality raw material from the authorized vendor and following strict quality control and quality checks, making them truly superior and hence are considerably cheered in the industries for attributing efficient filtration, robust construction, longevity, corrosion resistance, and cost efficiency.

The organization has never looked back over the years and has gone the extra mile to only provide the highest standard of product and service. Other than, customer statements have remained the first priority for the company, and have worked hard to surpass thereof. With the backing of the prowess team and the cutting-edge facilities, AGEXIC has been always ready to resolve filtration-associated challenges of the different industries at affordable rates.

Our Team :-

Teamwork has proven to be the reason for success in many organizations and likewise, we also believe in teamwork. We believe the grounds for our success are working like one family and letting individuals share their ideas and thoughts to improve the quality of the product and implement the same if found useful. We have different segments, including, designing, manufacturing, laboratory, marketing, logistic, and account, and an experienced team of professionals to accomplish the individual task, whose dedication and enthusiasm is all we appreciate and that’s what encourage them to do any task with the highest dedication. Other than, to develop and hone their skills, we frequently arrange training session that helps them advance their knowledge and enable them to leverage the same in their task, which all come together as the notable profit of the organization.

Our Infrastructure :-

The state of the architecture of AXEGIC is affluent with all the cutting-edge machinery and software that are essential to bring forth a best-in-class range of the strainer. Other than that, we also use the latest machinery in our laboratory to perform several tests and ensure the quality compliance of every produce. Moreover, all the other departments are covered in this infrastructure only to manage different processes associated with procurement and sales, which is established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


To provide the top industrial filtration technology that can help industries to protect their expensive equipment from damage and prevent industrial downtime caused by the plug-up of impurities.


To become a frontrunner organization in the filtration business by providing the cutting edge solution associated with the filtration issue of the respective industry and helping them to boost their productivity and lead in the market.

Core Values :-

We are very obvious with our core values, which exhibit our company and our work.

Alive :-

We will be alive to the requirement of our employee in conjunction with the society.

Leadership :-

Customers need sustainable quality or better quality and we maintain by performing profound R&D to make the quality sustainable and advanced.

Excellence :-

Excellence is paramount to ensure impeccable performance, especially for the strainers it is a must in order to ensure effective filtration.

Customer :-

For us, customer statements and their need have remained the major concern apart from the quality standards and to achieve we can go the extra mile undoubtedly.

Responsibility :-

In addition to the product qualities we are equally doing all responsibly associated with consumers, employees, and the environment and hence are valued highly in the market.

Markets Served :-

Our strainer holds a far-reaching market in the petrochemical and power generation industries for securing cooling systems and analogous applications. Other than, the industries associated with the freshwater, wastewater management is not so far in using our industrial strainers. Sea water cooling, offshore oil rigs, refineries, commercial buildings, fire protection systems, oil filtration, fuel filtration, and all other industries that are associated with the processing of liquid or gas.