Our presence is widespread as an aluminum bronze Y strainer manufacturer, supplier, and exporter for proffering unmatched quality strainers attributing high strength, excellent corrosion, and wear resistance. The offered Y strainer is made from 9-12% aluminum and 6% iron and nickel material in order to convey excellently withstand capability against high temperatures and therefore is best suited to filter impurities from low-pressure and high-temperature surroundings without failing. This aluminum bronze Y strainer also shares resistance against corrosion, fatigue, and deformation and hence provides a longer life expectancy.

aluminum bronze y strainer manufacturer


The aluminium bronze Y strainer is designed and manufactured as per the ASME standards and also tested following the API standards in order to ascertain the leakage-free performance of the respective. This aluminum bronze Y strainer is suitable for operational temperatures ranging from 200° C to 452° C and operating pressure up to 150 psi and therefore is highly demanded in cold water, oil, and petroleum processing plants. The screen used in this Y-type strainer is made from the 304 SS material, which we can provide in different perforation sizes as per application requirements in India as well as other countries.

Unmatched benefits of our aluminum bronze Y strainer

  • An affordable way to prevent foreign matters
  • Protects expensive process equipment from damage
  • Corrosion resilient feature ensures leak-free performance
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Performs outstandingly against high temperatures (200° C to 452° C)

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