The contaminants in the oil, diesel or other petroleum products is common and the filtration of the same is essential in order to prevent the extravagant losses caused by the system choke up.  As this Y strainer is created for the petroleum products, the top grade bronze material is used that does not corrode while contact with thereof and hence ensures completely contamination free media during the operation. The offered Y strainers for oil are integrated with the 304 SS screens that efficiently filter respective media and secure the valuable processing equipment. This Y strainer for oil does not leak even under high pressure and temperature as is carried out with the uttermost attention toward dimensions, whereas the flanges are available as per ASME, DIN or BS standards. Users can get this Y strainer for oil at the best prices from us and get all the benefits it serves in India as well as other countries.

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Unmatched benefits of our Y strainer for oil

  • Made from aluminum bronze material
  • Shares greatest resistance against corrosion
  • Best suited for the oil or other petro chemical products
  • Ensures excellent performance all across its life
  • Improves system performance