The contamination in the flow of the liquid, gas or steam has become common and therefore the issues associated with the pump jamming are too. To resolve this issue, we are here with the top grade quality Y strainers that are designed to filter the contaminants. These Y strainers for pump meets all the essential standards that exhibit the quality, safety and reliability quotient of our range, made by adopting the ISO 9001:2015 controlled manufacturing processes. This Y strainer is companied with the SS screen, which is placed ahead of the Y strainers for pump in order to strain impurities. Efficient filtration and impeccable operations have been proven and thereby is becoming the preferred choice in the market, available in different material and as per the ASME, DIN or BS standards at the lowest prices in India and other countries

y strainers for pumps manufacturer

Basket Strainers find wide application in pipelines that require a high flow capacity. To service a basket strainer, the cover can be removed so technicians get immediate access to the filtering element (cage) if it needs replacement (due to cumulated debris). These types of strainers are also manufactured in the variant of, which consists of two parallel basket strainers that facilitate the maintenance of the strainers in conditions when the flow of the line cannot be stopped.

Unmatched benefits of our Y strainer for Pump

  • Designed to equip ahead of pump
  • Prevents clogging of the pump caused by impurities
  • Filters all impurities and prevent it to pass through pumps
  • Efficiently filters all foreign matters
  • No clogging increases the pump life expectancy