Axegic Group Inc. is the preeminent manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a wide collection of Y-type strainers in Mumbai. The main aim of this type of strainer is to remove unwanted elements present in different types of media passing through it, like steam, gas, and liquid, by using a metal element called a strainer, which is made from wire mesh. Using this mechanical device in pipes helps to protect everything from pumps to steam traps. Y strainers are occasionally fitted with “blow-off valves” to make cleaning easier.

The Y-type strainer’s versatility is perhaps its most significant advantage. It can be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on the user’s preference. While this strainer type is already a low-cost alternative, the size of the strainers can be customised as per the required situations. When compared to other types of strainers, the possibilities for customizing these strainers appear limitless. The range is available at reasonably low prices, so you can have the best as per industrial requirements. We are selling almost everywhere in Mumbai. Customers who choose us will have access to a hassle-free experience in their valuable setups. We are producing Y-type strainers in bulk quantities in an assured time frame; you can call us anytime, anywhere as we provide an immediate response to your queries. We are quality conscious Y type strainer manufacturer in Mumbai.