Y Type Strainer Manufacturer :-

We rank on the top In India as Y type strainer manufacturer, supplier, and exporter it’s a matter of efficient filtration, as we have specialized in manufacturing the Y-type strainer that can filter any size of sediments without failing and guarantee the highest safety of you, your downstream process equipment.

The Y strainer is also famous as the Y type strainer is designed to remove the unlikely solids from the liquid, gas, or steam lines with the help of the perforated wire screen. This Y strainer is immensely used in the pipelines to protect and extend the life expectancy of the meter, valve, pump, motor, and other valuable equipment integrated downstream.

Y Type Strainer Manufacturer

The offered Y strainer is integrated with the blow-off connection that eliminates the manual cleaning requirement and ensures clog-free performance all the way. The ability of this Y strainer to efficiently filter small to large-sized particles without failing has made it most suitable for liquid filtration applications. Further, the ingenious cylindrical design of this Y-type strainer enables it to withstand the high pressure of up to 6000 psi without failing and for what is highly appraised in steam filtration applications. Further, the use of first-rate metals in the construction makes it durable against high temperatures too. Other than that, the gas industries are also adopting this Y type strainer for its ability to outperform against high pressure. However, we recommend different materials of construction for different media as each has different temperature levels.

The pinpoint accuracy throughout the manufacturing ensures precise filtration of the impurities, whereas the vigorous API testing of every Y type strainer ensures leakage-free performance even under high pressure and temperature. Further, the brilliant design of this Y strainer entitles it to installation in the horizontal position as well as vertical one as per the end-user convenience.

We as a Y strainer manufacturer have presented this strainer in an extensive specification to meet manifold requirements of the different industries, including petroleum, power, chemical, marine, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Unmatched benefits of our Y STRAINER :-

  • Meets all the international quality standards
  • Affordable alternative to strain impurities
  • Studier construction requires no maintenance
  • Prevents breakdown and improves the productivity
  • Ideal to filter small amount of impurity
  • Does not interrupt processing
  • Suitable for fluid, steam and gas downstream