Y type pipe strainer manufacturer

Our fame is proliferated all across India as the matchless quality Y type pipe strainer manufacturer for resolving the age old issue associated with the clogging in the gas, steam or liquid flow stream. The invented Y type pipe strainer is placed in the pipe before the process equipment like meter, valve, regulator, etc in order to filter the unwanted sediments and prevent the clogging caused by thereof, wherein the high quality SS strainer is used to accomplish this process. As this type of Y strainer is colossally used in the pipe processing it is also reckoned as the pipe strainer in the market, which is as engineered in accordance to the ISO 9001:2015 standards to obtain the highest quality end product.

y type pipe strainer supplier

The huge assortment of material (stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel plated, cast iron, bronze, aluminum bronze, etc.) and the specification is available in this Y type pipe strainer in order to match individuals’ needs to the farthest. Correspondingly, the connection end of this strainer is available as per the ASME, DIN, or BS dimension requirement. The entire range of the Y type pipe strainer is scrutinized as per the API standards and hence promises to deliver leak-free and incredible performance spanning its life, is available in India as well as foreign countries at the lowest prices. No matter whether you need to install it vertically or horizontally, our Y type pipe strainer is a cost effective approach.

Unmatched benefits of our Y type pipe strainer

  • Designed to remove impurities from flow stream in pipe
  • Suitable for the fluid, gas and steam filtration
  • Removes sediments and ensures continuous performance
  • Available in assorted material
  • Complies with the ASME and API quality standards